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White spots on your teeth can be a source of frustration, affecting your confidence in your smile. But fear not, as they are not only preventable but also rarely a cause for alarm. Here’s everything you need to know about the causes of white spots, how to prevent them, and available treatment options if you’re already grappling with them.

What Causes White Spots on Teeth?

  1. Dental Fluorosis: This occurs when a child ingests excessive fluoride during tooth development. While it’s undesirable, it’s harmless and often happens before teeth emerge. Overuse of toothpaste is a common culprit in the US.
  2. Poor Dental Hygiene: Neglecting regular brushing can lead to the development of white spots.
  3. Braces: Prolonged wear of braces can affect tooth coloration and result in white spots.
  4. Acidic or Sugary Foods: These can damage tooth enamel and alter its color. Rinsing your mouth after consuming such items can mitigate their effects.

How Can I Prevent Them?

Adhering to a proper oral hygiene routine is key to preventing white spots. Ensure your child uses the appropriate amount of toothpaste, with children under 3 using a smear the size of a rice grain, and those over 3 using no more than a pea-sized amount. Since children may accidentally swallow toothpaste, supervision during brushing is essential.

What Are the Treatment Options?

If you’re already dealing with white spots, there are solutions available:

  • Whitening or bleaching can even out tooth coloration.
  • Dental veneers offer comprehensive restoration, addressing not only white spots but also other aesthetic concerns.
  • Topical fluoride or enamel microabrasion may be recommended for the targeted treatment of white spots.

Our expert team at Beaver Dental Care will assess your unique situation and recommend the most suitable treatment for your white spots. Don’t let white spots dim your smile any longer—contact our office for a consultation with the Best Dentist Jacksonville today.

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